The Global Pineal Awakening

If we all took a moment to learn about our own minds, we would discover the pineal gland, the centre of all spiritual experience.

I truly believe that if only one third of humanity activated their pineal gland at the same time, we could completely shift the buckling pressures of Capitalism, and move into a new mode of thinking and living.

Activating your pineal gland, or spiritual ‘eye’ and detoxing it are two different things. In essence, the detoxification allows you to remove the crystallized deposits, which keep the gland as a caged bird, or a princess jailed in her own ivory tower. Once the pineal gland is decalcified, you can start to practice things which will help to ‘turn it on’ and increase natural production of your body’s own psychedelic drug DMT. The actor, Jim Carrey, talks about how thought is responsible for almost all of the suffering we experience, and how he realized this through an activation of his pineal gland.

 Many shamans and yogis have practiced different means of awakening the pineal gland for centuries. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do to start to detox and awaken this shining gem of an endocrine gland:

  1. Stop the calcification of the gland by reducing halides. These come in the form of fluoride, chlorine, and bromide, all of which come into your body primarily through the water you drink and bathe in. Install a water purification system. Drink only de-chlorinated and de-fluorinated water.
  2. Remove the use of pesticides, fungicides, and mercury (from toxic fish primarily), and other toxins from your diet. Only purchase organic, non-GMO foods. It is no mistake that Monsanto and companies like them have invested so heavily in keeping you ‘unrealized.’ Not only do GMO foods cause cancer, but they inhibit the functioning of the pineal gland.
  3. Drink plenty of water! You are almost completely composed of water. This is so important I won’t even underline it. 


    You may experience any or all of these to varying degrees:

    • Faster, easier learning and retention
    • Marked increase in intuition
    • Increased creativity
    • Psychic gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with more developed ability to see or sense human auras
    • Clairvoyance (psychic vision) opens up
    • Clairaudience (psychic hearing) opens up
    • Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) opens up.                                                  I have been researching the incredible effects of such practices for the last twenty years. Disturbed children, traumatized animals and extremely repressed psychology patients have undergone incredible transformations. If only one third of humanity began to practice these effects, we could completely change the globe.

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