Atlantean Machines

Late in 2012, many people expected the Global Pineal Awakening to occur, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. The even is still going to occur, but the exact date is not necessarily set in stone, due mainly to the monetization of our culture. Perhaps the date the Mayans predicted was correct – in their estimation. After all, they had cocoa beans for currency, not money. Perhaps they assumed the global economy of 2012 would, like theirs, be run on the hot chocolate’s back. Unfortunately, it did not.

We have slowed ourselves down. We opened our minds to the poisons of materialism and capitalism; we calcified our pineal glands with trans fats and flouride and chem-trails. We delayed the global pineal awakening. 

An amazing find this year, off the coast of Greece, revealed Atlantean Ruins and an incredible Atlantean clock which, remarkably, was fixed on a date – 22/12/22. Is it possible the Atlanteans – the most advanced culture to have walked this earth – who built glass cathedrals on the moon and pyramids on Mars – knew the date of our ascension? I like to think so.

But ascension won’t be easy. We have to work for it. We have to free ourselves from capitalism and materialism before we can liberate the world.

The first step is always, simply, to breathe.



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