Throughout my travels, studies, countless talks and endless engagements, a lot of kind gentle folk have asked me, “But Dr Moon, why would you want to be high on acid all the time? Why would you want pineal gland to be reactivated, why would you want to your third eye to be open? Aren’t these two enough? We’re happy just the way it is?”

I answer the same way every time. “Are you? Are you happy with you nine-to-five grind, with only an hour, here or there, for your children? Are you happy with your slavery made shoes and clothes? Are you happy with your corporate-agendaized entertainment? Are you happy that, as a good and kind person, you are still a part of the problem, not the solution? Wouldn’t you want to live in a world were everyone was in peace, and togetherness, and harmony, not hungry, not fighting, not angry – all enlightened?”

And so far, as yet, no-one has answered back “Yes. I am happy.”


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