What is the Global Pineal Awakening?

The Global Pineal Awakeing (GPA) is the moment, prefigured in history by many smaller revolutions (Woodstock, Ionia, Atlantean, etc, etc, etc) when all humans will simultaneously open the pineal gland and see through the third eye. Whilst hallucinogens can assist this, this is by no means a drug-related phenomena, and it will happen, to everyone.

The expected (revised) date, according to my extensive research, is 22/12/2022 – that’s right, only nine more years on this plain of Bardol.

What to expect

  • All minds will open
  • Borders, money, bigotry will be erased
  • All religions will be one
  • Gender will be irrelevant
  • Everyone will live in the brother-sister-hood of humanity.

How to engage your pineal gland

  • Stop eating meat!
  • Stop drinking chemicals like Coca-Cola!
  • Smoke DMT occasionally. (Yes. Really. All of you.)
  • Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.

The GPA will transform everything, and those who are well prepared will emerge as the new caretakers of the planet and the cosmos… don’t you want to take part?

Make your mind a whole mind.



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