Drugs are bad?

We all know the image of the junkie on the street; the teenager trying to jump off the bridge on too much LSD; the alcoholic wallowing in the vomiting gutter.

These are the sorts of NEGATIVE ASSOCIATIONS we’ve learnt to join with drug use, and drug culture; partly because it suits the machinations of a capitalistic agenda and partly because it’s true.

Drugs are, however, not inherently bad. Many of them are, quite simply put, wonderful.

The Yaqui Indians have for centuries used drugs to removes the stultifying notions of “self” and step out of Bardol into Nirvana. Whilst this enviable practice is somewhat impractical for most of us – due to our busy engagement with the material world – I encourage a much more wide spread use of certain hallucinogens.

Dioxy-methy-triptamene (DMT), Ayahuasca and Psylocibin (“magic mushrooms”) are worth taking. You can trust me (and many other eminent seers, thinkers, shaman and visionaries.)These drugs are remarkable in allowing the self to step aside, an the non-ego, or qi, to see through and peel back the layers of the reality onion. 

So no – drugs are not bad. But… take with caution. 


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