My vision

Last night I had a dream – or a vision.

It was dawn, and the sun rose slowly over a blessed, gorgeous stretch of ocean. I was filled with serenity and calm in the knowledge that the change had begun to happen.

Staring into the sky, I noticed there was a purer, more beautiful light suffusing out, following our sun. A light that washed me in serene, clean feelings. A light of wonder and pure hope.

As the light grew, I saw it was another sun. Whiter. Larger. Bright in a way I’d never experienced brightness. I felt it’s all encompassing love and prepared to surrender myself, when I noticed you were all surrounding me. You were all preparing to do the same.

To surrender ourselves, as one, to the new sun.

The new sun is our new hope in building the world anew. The old sun is everything we’re too afraid, and content, to leave behind. 


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