The Global Pineal Awakening – Frequently Asked Question


The GPA is a stunningly simple concept with overwhelming and far reaching implications and repercussions. 

In some very few years (I personally thing the 22/12/2022, but the date does not need to be fixed) the GPA will occur. Some few of us will be ready for it. Most of us will not.

After my lectures or seminars I often get a lot of follow up questions. Here are some of my most common, and the answers.

What is it and what does it mean?

Your pineal gland is the centre of all spiritual experience. Some call it the “seat of the soul”, others “the third eye,” others “nirvana” or “enlightenment”. I like to call it “the non-I” or “true-you.”

Due to many mitigating factors – chemicals, diet, spiritual repression, upbringing – most of our pineal glands have become so clagged with the morass of the twenty-first century that out true-yous have stunted, dwarfed, hardened and minimalized. The pineal glans in mean are moving toward completely closing over.

It can and will open, and when it does, everyone will experience life at the core, through all the layers of the reality onion.


Why do I want the GPA?

Many people think they are happy. Some few actually are.

Many people believe that life as we perceive it is the base of all perception, that the eyes you read this with and the mind you interpret it with are the limits of all and the sum of reality. The recent burgeoning of anti-spiritualism spearheaded by such dogmatics as Richard Dawkins has further cemented this view of an “absolute” reality. 

When the pineal awakens, we shall see that we are all one, connected, and of the earth, that our atoms are freely flowing back and forth to each other, and that all the artificial definitions of reality are just barriers to the true understanding of our world.


Can I awaken my pineal gland prior to the GPA?

Yes, and I recommend that you do. When the GPA occurs, as I have said, very few will be ready, and many will find the transition overwhelming. We need to be able to shepherd the flock towards the new age, and a familiarity with the experience of living as the true-you will massively benefit you.


This is no joke. It will happen, and it will happen to you. Be prepared. The galactics are waiting for us, readying us for the embrace into the sublime. It will be shockingly beautiful, and you need to be prepared. 


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