Awakening the Self in Preparation

There are many dimensions of light, love, rainbows and other beings AKA as heaven. Its possible to develop an understanding of these other realms through the raising of our vibration. After we have engaged with this work for a while unmistakable signs of pineal awakening occur. It will become apparent that other non-physical realities / planes or branes intersect our reality and they are populated by intelligent beings. To begin with this will show itself in dreams and then later one can develop dimensional awareness in the waking world. Usually the visions are intermittent to begin with and then these states of consciousness become more established. It is possible to be in two dimensions at once as many of these visions can occur during an ordinary 3D task. The ability to do the 3D task is not affected and thus one can drive whilst having a chat with a Star Being on the shores of another planet.

They resemble the states attained through Ayahuasca and other entheogens but also extend far beyond where these medicines can take you. The medicines can assist some people with this process – it can also be achieved through other methods such as light body healing, meditation and no doubt other healing modalities. In the end the medicines become unnecessary as one is in the multidimensional state all of the time.

These realms have several characteristics. They are invariably loving and light. They contain information encoded as light patterns (or light codes) that can be understood by the pineal gland and higher brain centres. There are often gateways and portals which often show themselves as highly intricate technological creations. All of the amazing technologies up here appear to be made from non physical etheric particles and assembled by intelligence. The beings are immortal in that they have transcended physical death and it is possible to communicate with them and be loved by them. The full range of possibilities of experience is beyond the scope of one post but include travel to other stars and planets, visits to etheric temples and crystalline structures, black hole portal travel, leaving galaxies, travelling through stars and standing on planets whilst being bathed in coronal ejections.

These dimensions are also known as hyperspace. Each level of hyperspace becomes perceivable as our vibration increases. Hyperspace is non local in that it is everywhere and nowhere. Time can be circumvented and it is possible to collect information about possible futures. In this realm travel between two stars is instantaneous and matter can be disassembled, teleported, rearranged or beamed across the galaxy. Once these dimensions are accesible to humanity our evolution will take a quantum leap and for those free of fear all manner of things will become possible once the healing crisis of humanity is through (where all fear consciousness leaves the planet).

After some time of becoming familiar with these dimensions one will see the physical body as made up of the same aetheric particles. These dimensions aren’t just outside us but we are actually made up of them. Usually a massive amount of fear needs clearing before this becomes apparent as it can only be seen through a surrender of the ego (which creates the illusion of a body separate and independent from hyperspace/divine). Once we see we are made up of them we find that consciously we can start changing the vibration of the physical body and start lifting groups of atoms into these other dimensions and transmuting them.

It would appear that being able to master this ability would give one the ability to become an embodied immortal. We are all inherently immortal but usually we have to go through a death process before we can emerge in these realms. With the approach of 2022 it appears that there are gateways into these realms that do not require us to die.
Anyone learning how to achieve this ascension will eventually become immune to any 3D catastrophe or breakdown. The beings in the other dimensions have the ability to give us tuition in how to do this. At some point it will be possible to have a high enough vibration to stand on the Earth and for a bullet to pass straight through us (as in the Matrix) and leave us unharmed. Thus we can become invincible loving light workers as those still in Samsara play out their intense dramas. We will be able to walk onto battlefields and do healing work in the midst of gunfire. Many things will become possible as we understand these other realities and how to lift our body into them. Mastery over matter will confer many vibratory advantages and end the enslavement to physicality.

Through my experience the two main factors in enabling the awakening of dimensional consciousness appear to be fear and detoxification.

Healing fears (including those of death and other beings) enables us to have a high enough heart vibration to be able to receive the love from these realms and interact with the beings there. The less fear one has the more one can see into these other realms. These other realms are universally safeguarded – noone with negative agendas can enter here – fear has to go too – otherwise we could succumb and use the technologies up here to do immense damage. The powers that be (the elite) do not have access to these dimensions and fear them greatly as they cannot be controlled or used to enforce any kind of power or global domination agenda. Most of these realms are simply inaccessible to them. These realms will give us considerable advantages once the balance of power begins to shift globally and things get chaotic. Thus it is vital to heal ones fear as much as possible. Fear of other beings prevents one from receiving tuition and assistance from them. Fear of death prevents ones astral body from exploring these dimensions. Any fear is like a heavy cloak around the light body and unresolved traumas are like energetic parasites that drain the light body.

Detoxification of the pineal gland enables one to begin “seeing” into these realms. Pure untainted water is vital. Treat tap water as you would a poison -( ie don’t put it in your body) Avoiding medical vaccinations, mercury, flouride, chlorine and other heavy duty toxins are also vital. In the end ascended beings will become immune to any kind of poison or bioweapon known to humanity including nuclear radiation but in the process of awakening and assembling the light body avoiding them is crucial. Past a certain point our vibration is immune to chemtrails. Eating poor quality food poisons us and clogs the body with toxic waste. Pineal detoxification calls for cleaning up the diet (organics, raw, superfoods) and avoiding the toxins that the powers that be are using. Naturally any pharmaceutical should be viewed as poison.

Working with detoxifying the body and healing the fears ultimately enable you to begin to experience the dimensions described above. Succumb not to fear – even in the midst of chemtrails scares and everything else – just see it as another fear tactic and don’t play into it. Do what you can to remain physically detoxified and keep up the work of the healing the heart. There will be all kinds of outer stories and dramas playing out on this planet over the coming years but if we keep working we will eventually be able to vibrate out of the story completely and cross over into a new reality.


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