What we need is a radically new system, of everything. The old words no longer suffice.

Communism has been tainted by the blood of the oppressed on the banners of the dictators.

Democracy has become a byword for a farcical financial circus of lobbyists and advertising agencies.

Anarchy belongs to the punk, the junkie, the neo-Nazi.

Hippies are smelly, unwashed and pig-ignorant, high on ketamine and absurd conspiracy theories, soiling themselves at pointless parties.

The left wing is as broken as the right and the bird no longer flies. We need new words, new terms, new minds and new ways of looking.

We need to buy new eyes. Everything is broken and can only be fixed by a radical, alien people who bear no resemblance to ourselves.

How to get there? How to shake off every interred piece of learning, every thing that was once our building blocks? 

How to lose materialism when it feels like a divine right? How to destroy money when money could belong to you in piles? How to bomb heaven when still in the back of your mind there’s that niggling hope “maybe I will get there? Maybe I wont?”

How to lose the fear of death when we love staring at our own faces on Facebook?

Is the answer as easy as… smoke DMT?

Probably fucking not.


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