Once we rise phoenix-style from the shattered ashes of our mirage world, how do we begin to rebuild? How do we regroup, from the poison of hierachy that has for so long destroyed our society? How do we shift when for so long we have turned gurus into slaves and Gods into Brands?

We smash. We rebuild by smashing apart.

I am not woman and he is not man; we are people.

In fact we are not people; as this assumes we are above our animal kingdom; we like all species on this once-Eden now networked with gashes and slashes and lines, we are phylum, we are beast, we are of the earth.

Earthians. We live here and we can only live here. There is nowhere else. Our hollow, constructed moon is barren and dead. Mars long ago flung it’s life away, it’s sentient Atlanteans drained to death by drought. Earth is it. You are here. Be here now.

There is no Australia, no America, no races, no colors. Nothing. Everything is constructed by the Babelian bauble of his-story. Well ourstory is different. We are here to rebuild and for that we must shatter, and I will only talk on this screen for a brief period before the first thing I shatter is this false screen; this mirage of affluence in a mire of slavery.


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