What do we do now, now that the worm has turned and the dark gods are speaking foul utterances in poison tongue? Now that bigotry and slavery are policy, oppression is a byword and Rupert Murdoch owns the mind of the many?

We vomit in our hands and throw that vomit at the rough beast, slouching it’s way to the Capitol. We let slip the dogs of war. We cry bloody murder and set the Pantheon afire.

In the upcoming revolution, the blood of the many will be spilled. It’s a martyr’s sacrifice. It is the way of truth. To fight power you must inevitably give of your own power. To tear control back you must first lose all control.

The revolution will not be televised. The power will be to the people: but the people are sheeple. The curtain will be torn asunder but the cross will stand large as lies and slick with the blood of women. The days of reckoning are upon us. Loose your fiery cannons into the night of justice, screech your banshee wail of fear into the shadows and pour forth the light, pour forth the light!

Tony Abbott may be king for a day, but he will be a fool for a lifetime.


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