What do I do now, now that we are unhappy?

1. Get off meat. Just do it! Don’t say “I need bacon!” You don’t need bacon! Get off the fucking meat!

2. Pray to yourself and your gods. Pray to your children. Pray to forever.

3. Open your eyes. In the dark, in the day, in the throes of television, OPEN THEM!

4. You are small. You will die. GET OVER IT.

5. Eat green things not brown things.

6. Fucking recycle! Why wouldn’t you? Are you crazy! FUCKING RECYCLE!

7. Go to a church, climb to the pulpit and tear out an arse ripping rant of all your loathing.

8. Dance in the street til the others are dancing.

9. Never vote for anything ever again – the time for voting is over.

10: Read “Revelations.” Then set it on fire and throw the bible at a Christian.

11. Relax. Everything is ok. Fuck some people. Get drunk. Smash some shit.

12. Smile. Get your teeth fixed. Smile through the pain. Grimace if you have to.

13. Catch the bus! While you’re walking along, deflate tyres of cars! Destroy cars! WALK!

14. Get a pen and a paper and write something. Read something. Go to your parents house and piss on their television (no, it doesn’t matter how old they are.)

15. Love one another and fight one another.


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