The Good, the Bad, the Liberation Theology


No News is New

Liberation theology is starting to gain traction in the news — but just what is it?

It is a sort of Christianized Marxism which seeks to better the world today and not just have pie in the sky when you die.  It attempts to do this through a bottom up change in the systems that oppress people.  It doesn’t divide the world into sinners and saints so much as systems and saints.  This can have the effect of gutting the importance of personal conversion and personal betterment.  It becomes the systems fault that that I own slaves and treat them poorly (to keep up with competitors), not my own.  It becomes the systems fault that I’m so poor my only solace is liquor.  As an individual I can be excused from my bad actions.

The traditional approach of the church is to effect hearts instead of systems.  Paul…

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