Murderers or War Heroes


Chevron in Nigeria. Workers rise up and fight against unfair treatment. Mercenaries hired by Chevron to stop union action. Kill workers with machine guns from helicopters. Fearing further insurrection, fly to villages of workers with copters, shooting indiscriminately. Some months later, Condoleeza Rice, who has an oil tanker named after her (re-named after she takes office), and is a board member during these events, becomes Secretary of State. Soon after she visits Nigeria as a representative of the American government. Murderer? You decide.

Ted Bundy kills maybe 100 women; we’re never entirely sure. As much as being a psycho, he is somewhat heroic. His brazen attitude, his two miraculous escapes, etc. He’s executed after finally delivering a harrowing and cathartic confession.

Rumsfeld ex-CEO of Halliburton. Into the US government as Secretary of Defense – whilst still Halliburton shareholder. (Microsoft Word knows how to spell `Halliburton’ but not ‘qi’.)  Awards $300 billion contract to Halliburton to invade Iraq; after approving a three trillion dollar loan from World Bank for such purposes. All reports say `invasion of Iraq will create a terrorist state there.’ Halliburton and the US hand in hand invade. Rumsfeld’s still a major shareholder. Ten years on, nearly a million Iraqi civilians dead, almost ninety percent of Iraqis want America out, Al Qaeda is far more active than before, Rumsfeld and Halliburton – very very rich murderers? War heroes.


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