One thing bought and almost solely `owned’ by the corporations now is the art. They bought the word from our fingertips and the fucking art from our galleries and museums and libraries. It’s the SANTOS museum now. It’s CHEVRON presents Ulysses. It’s COKE presents DISNEY presenting Winnie the Pooh.

I read a book and in some way I’m feeding some rich-suited-cunt somewhere, and not Dostoyevsky.

BORDERS is more popular than the fucking LIBRARY. The library is free and gets you whatever you want. (Even films with cocks and pussies.)

And think of “Artist Appropriation.” A great musician receives world-wide appreciation for being a great artist, or for stepping inside  the music machine and becoming a corporate cog.  

I mean, you know Jeff Buckley died owing SONY $750 000! He owed SONY for making Grace.

Like saying Beckett owed Joyce for Waiting for Godot. Like saying Shakespeare owed King James for Hamlet.

Somehow SONY own all of JEFF BUCKLEY now, his image and his songs. The movie of the brand of JEFF BUCKLEY will soon be out. His mum gets a bit, sure. She’s eager to release more JEFF BUCKLEY; probably initially to pay back the debt she inherited. So rich pricks get richer cause Jeff made music and then died, but we all still want to hear him.

Luckily these days it’s very very easy to steal everything.

Cause don’t believe this bullshit about taking artist’s profits. Motherfuckers make like one cent off each CD. If the `don’t steal our shit’ ads were CEOs in Jacuzzis saying `Come on guys, our products might be excessively priced exclusively in order to line our pockets, but, still, come on, buy the stuff, pay our randomly growing prices…. After all we want to get a little more rich and exploit a few more artists before we die or get busted; here’s a sequel of a re-make of a foreign version based on the novel! It’s got tits and blood.’

I think we’d all say, FUCK OFF.

You don’t own music.

They can own it all but our minds. What we decide to let them own.

Remember Cochabamba, they tried to take the rain before it fell, but the people pushed them out. That’s when it has to change. When by simply eating something you may be perpetuating some deep injustice or terrible destruction or deprivation, where buying a bottle of water might really be stealing it from somewhere that really needs it, or buying flowers might be from a country that’s in famine but use up their farmland to grow flowers to pay the interest on their loans from the World Bank, then it has to stop.

Remember we have the power to change but the change must be massive and entire.



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