What’s `illegal’? What’s `legal’?

What’s `illegal’? What’s `legal’?

Rape murder and pillage of land is `legal’. I.E: BP pumped some millions of barrels of crude oild into the ocean for ninety days. Sure they paid some fines for it, but strangely enough they also had cops (that’s right state Police) preventing the public from going onto public land to see the damage of what BP had done; and hey, none of these guys that said `drill baby drill’ then `spill baby spill’ are in prison. Remember they’re still finding oil under rocks where Exxon Valdez spilt – and that was a fraction of the Deep Horizon blow-out.

Meanwhile seven hundred and fifty thousand people in the US are in prison for pot possession. That’s right, in prison for getting stoned at home. There’s one guy my bro told me about who had a prior conviction of violent assault due to his schizophrenia. Like twenty years after that the cops raided his house and found a skerrick that’s right a flake of marijuana – twenty five years. In prison.

But it’s `legal’ run a factory paying people twenty cents an hour where all they can do is work to stay alive, and they live in tiny rooms which catch on fire, and if they say bad things about their jobs, or suggest unions, they get fired or whipped, that’s right those are the fucking shoes you are wearing, shoes made of fucking blood and terror, shoes made by people who can barely afford food or water; forget clothing or education. It’s either sex-slave or shoe-slave. `Sweat-shops’ makes us think they work very hard and get all sweaty. `Concentration factories’ `slave markets’ `people machines’ `tyranny’ `murder’ `complete oppression’ think about your shoes in those terms.

There are children who live in and from garbage dumps.

This is legal.

Nike and Reebok and The Gap are respected business leaders. Nice smelling gents of the new generation.

It’s illegal to walk naked down the street, as you were born.

How can we live by laws that make no parallel sense? We must love our blinders.

How can we continue to support laws that actually smash cleaver and separate harmony and the potential for change? Once again it’s looking back at what we’ve allowed to happen, how the system of control has emerged and how, just like in Communism becoming Stalinism, the heady free principles of Democracy have become the violent unstoppable force of Capitalism. Like – how can we allow a lobby group to make large payments to our government which goes on to effect the progress and instigation of law?

Just look at Kevin Rudd. He may have been a poor PM – I couldn’t tell you. Certainly he seemed a lot more pleasant than Johnny Boy – he did say `sorry’ – which is significant legally and humanly – sorry being the first step towards reparation – but more on that later; so he wanted to tax the big miners and institute a Carbon Emissions Trading. Well. I mean, sure, Carbon Emission Trading is a pretty absurd idea; the richer you are the more pollution you can afford to buy and therefore the more money you can make; but at least it was fucking something to do with the environment. At least it was saying, `Well, we fucked up. This oil shit? Not so hot.’ And those mining corporations pay like 5% tax anyway!

But Kevin threatens corporations. The `ultra-right’ lobby groups in Labor – ie mining and energy corporations – begin to `school’ Julia. The media like it cause she’s a woman. In fact they sell the entire coup on that. `Kevin’s gone, we’re not telling why, but here’s a woman! Look a real woman in a man’s job!’

If what seems to have happened is true – that Kevin pushed the corporations, they lobbied against him, Labor buckled and got rid of him, and Australia nodded amd said, `We didn’t like him he was smug, smart, and spoke Chinese which we don’t trust,’ and Julia walked on in. Only elected because we all fear Tony Abbott.

If it’s like this – we allowed the energy corporations, and the media corporations, which are often the same corporation, blatantly pick our PM – ah, anyone read 1984? Remember who they were behind Big Brother?

Do we know who they are now?

Who are the richest people in the world, and how much of my world do they own?


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