I’m furious.

We censor naked bodies from television and censor reality from our minds. So few people own so much of everything. So few very rich men and women in very nice suits with so much money all they can do with it is get more money. Why is profit not theft?

If I bought an orange and ate half the orange and tried to sell it to you as a whole orange you’d say nah man you ate half already I want a whole orange.

But they buy our world from under our feet and our water from the sky and they try to sell it back to us half-shot and poisoned and broken or filled with vitamins and necessary minerals. Because `health’ is very important except when you’re poor and then it’s not because you can’t afford it so drink your minerals while you’re flush!

There’s no balance. We’re blinding our own eyes. They ban smoking at bus-stops. On the cigarette packets, they warn us that cigarette smoke contains `Carbon Monoxide – the same fumes that come out of car exhaust.’

What’s bigger, a  ciggie or a ‘bus?

Go figure.


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