I’m furious.

We censor naked bodies from television and censor reality from our minds. So few people own so much of everything. So few very rich men and women in very nice suits with so much money all they can do with it is get more money. Why is profit not theft?

If I bought an orange and ate half the orange and tried to sell it to you as a whole orange you’d say nah man you ate half already I want a whole orange.

But they buy our world from under our feet and our water from the sky and they try to sell it back to us half-shot and poisoned and broken or filled with vitamins and necessary minerals. Because `health’ is very important except when you’re poor and then it’s not because you can’t afford it so drink your minerals while you’re flush!

There’s no balance. We’re blinding our own eyes. They ban smoking at bus-stops. On the cigarette packets, they warn us that cigarette smoke contains `Carbon Monoxide – the same fumes that come out of car exhaust.’

What’s bigger, a  ciggie or a ‘bus?

Go figure.


What’s `illegal’? What’s `legal’?

What’s `illegal’? What’s `legal’?

Rape murder and pillage of land is `legal’. I.E: BP pumped some millions of barrels of crude oild into the ocean for ninety days. Sure they paid some fines for it, but strangely enough they also had cops (that’s right state Police) preventing the public from going onto public land to see the damage of what BP had done; and hey, none of these guys that said `drill baby drill’ then `spill baby spill’ are in prison. Remember they’re still finding oil under rocks where Exxon Valdez spilt – and that was a fraction of the Deep Horizon blow-out.

Meanwhile seven hundred and fifty thousand people in the US are in prison for pot possession. That’s right, in prison for getting stoned at home. There’s one guy my bro told me about who had a prior conviction of violent assault due to his schizophrenia. Like twenty years after that the cops raided his house and found a skerrick that’s right a flake of marijuana – twenty five years. In prison.

But it’s `legal’ run a factory paying people twenty cents an hour where all they can do is work to stay alive, and they live in tiny rooms which catch on fire, and if they say bad things about their jobs, or suggest unions, they get fired or whipped, that’s right those are the fucking shoes you are wearing, shoes made of fucking blood and terror, shoes made by people who can barely afford food or water; forget clothing or education. It’s either sex-slave or shoe-slave. `Sweat-shops’ makes us think they work very hard and get all sweaty. `Concentration factories’ `slave markets’ `people machines’ `tyranny’ `murder’ `complete oppression’ think about your shoes in those terms.

There are children who live in and from garbage dumps.

This is legal.

Nike and Reebok and The Gap are respected business leaders. Nice smelling gents of the new generation.

It’s illegal to walk naked down the street, as you were born.

How can we live by laws that make no parallel sense? We must love our blinders.

How can we continue to support laws that actually smash cleaver and separate harmony and the potential for change? Once again it’s looking back at what we’ve allowed to happen, how the system of control has emerged and how, just like in Communism becoming Stalinism, the heady free principles of Democracy have become the violent unstoppable force of Capitalism. Like – how can we allow a lobby group to make large payments to our government which goes on to effect the progress and instigation of law?

Just look at Kevin Rudd. He may have been a poor PM – I couldn’t tell you. Certainly he seemed a lot more pleasant than Johnny Boy – he did say `sorry’ – which is significant legally and humanly – sorry being the first step towards reparation – but more on that later; so he wanted to tax the big miners and institute a Carbon Emissions Trading. Well. I mean, sure, Carbon Emission Trading is a pretty absurd idea; the richer you are the more pollution you can afford to buy and therefore the more money you can make; but at least it was fucking something to do with the environment. At least it was saying, `Well, we fucked up. This oil shit? Not so hot.’ And those mining corporations pay like 5% tax anyway!

But Kevin threatens corporations. The `ultra-right’ lobby groups in Labor – ie mining and energy corporations – begin to `school’ Julia. The media like it cause she’s a woman. In fact they sell the entire coup on that. `Kevin’s gone, we’re not telling why, but here’s a woman! Look a real woman in a man’s job!’

If what seems to have happened is true – that Kevin pushed the corporations, they lobbied against him, Labor buckled and got rid of him, and Australia nodded amd said, `We didn’t like him he was smug, smart, and spoke Chinese which we don’t trust,’ and Julia walked on in. Only elected because we all fear Tony Abbott.

If it’s like this – we allowed the energy corporations, and the media corporations, which are often the same corporation, blatantly pick our PM – ah, anyone read 1984? Remember who they were behind Big Brother?

Do we know who they are now?

Who are the richest people in the world, and how much of my world do they own?



One thing bought and almost solely `owned’ by the corporations now is the art. They bought the word from our fingertips and the fucking art from our galleries and museums and libraries. It’s the SANTOS museum now. It’s CHEVRON presents Ulysses. It’s COKE presents DISNEY presenting Winnie the Pooh.

I read a book and in some way I’m feeding some rich-suited-cunt somewhere, and not Dostoyevsky.

BORDERS is more popular than the fucking LIBRARY. The library is free and gets you whatever you want. (Even films with cocks and pussies.)

And think of “Artist Appropriation.” A great musician receives world-wide appreciation for being a great artist, or for stepping inside  the music machine and becoming a corporate cog.  

I mean, you know Jeff Buckley died owing SONY $750 000! He owed SONY for making Grace.

Like saying Beckett owed Joyce for Waiting for Godot. Like saying Shakespeare owed King James for Hamlet.

Somehow SONY own all of JEFF BUCKLEY now, his image and his songs. The movie of the brand of JEFF BUCKLEY will soon be out. His mum gets a bit, sure. She’s eager to release more JEFF BUCKLEY; probably initially to pay back the debt she inherited. So rich pricks get richer cause Jeff made music and then died, but we all still want to hear him.

Luckily these days it’s very very easy to steal everything.

Cause don’t believe this bullshit about taking artist’s profits. Motherfuckers make like one cent off each CD. If the `don’t steal our shit’ ads were CEOs in Jacuzzis saying `Come on guys, our products might be excessively priced exclusively in order to line our pockets, but, still, come on, buy the stuff, pay our randomly growing prices…. After all we want to get a little more rich and exploit a few more artists before we die or get busted; here’s a sequel of a re-make of a foreign version based on the novel! It’s got tits and blood.’

I think we’d all say, FUCK OFF.

You don’t own music.

They can own it all but our minds. What we decide to let them own.

Remember Cochabamba, they tried to take the rain before it fell, but the people pushed them out. That’s when it has to change. When by simply eating something you may be perpetuating some deep injustice or terrible destruction or deprivation, where buying a bottle of water might really be stealing it from somewhere that really needs it, or buying flowers might be from a country that’s in famine but use up their farmland to grow flowers to pay the interest on their loans from the World Bank, then it has to stop.

Remember we have the power to change but the change must be massive and entire.



Save the Fucking Earth!!!! PLEASE

https://i0.wp.com/eofdreams.com/data_images/dreams/earth/earth-03.jpgOur planet is in great danger. The people of earth have wasted and misused the natural recourses of earth. Several plans have been developed to stop the abuse of earth.Environmental problems have become so complex that many individuals feel they can have no effect on them. Problems like oil spills, hazardous waste, loss of rain forests, endangered species, acid rain, the ozone layer, the municipal waste crisis can feel out of our control. At the very least, these problems require group and corporate action or government intervention. However, there are some things the individual can control. Our waste reduction and recycling activities can make a difference. That’s why so many communities began voluntary recycling programs.

Solar panels are a series of mirrors that transform sunlight into solar energy. Solar energy can help heat water and power home appliances. Solar energy is a great source of clean, non-polluting energy.

The idea of a landfill is a great one, but it won’t work if people continue to believe it is a place for all trash. A landfill is a big divot dug out of the earth for garbage disposal.

We can help, The problem with these plans is that not every one contributes to the efforts to reduce pollution and waste, in fact most of the people I know believe recycling is a waste of time and they by them selves cannot make the difference. The Earth is our home and we need to protect it.




Earth…mother of all livings…all earthlings who live together, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, aspiring all to live in peace and harmony with the world. This is not a dream…it is a vision, a vision shared by millions of human beings all around the world. to live in peace and harmony loving each other. this is not a dream…it is reality, waiting for us… 

Today, Reality means change…it means breaking the old rules, putting down the bases of a society that is going straight to self-destruction. Today is the time to put an end to the absurdity of our ways of living, consuming and thinking. We are all one, all united. whatever action we do, whatever thought we have has an impact on the world, on people, on nature. Earth is a jewel of perfection where everything works in circle…circle of life…circle of water coming from the sea, getting desalinized in the clouds to swamp the lands…get filtered by the earth for the livings and coming back to the seas…Nature is perfect…all what human beings have to do is to live in harmony with it…to go with the wind as it blows. 

Many obstacles can be seen on the way to harmony but with a close-up on the situation, things remain simple. The whole system in which we live in is sick, lost in its own craziness that has been growing during centuries alimenting its own destruction. And yet we had it all. Nature could teach us all how to live, how to trust our own hearts and souls. Human nature is good…generous and kind. We all feel the love in our hearts and just the distractions of our modern times prevent us to listen to it. It is there however, there inside. We need to listen to our deep selves, to this inner voice that can guide us to the right direction. Nature gives us fruits expecting us to share it with others and respect the tree that gave them to us. Many obstacles can be seen on the way…and they are all connected to each other. There are no multiplication of problems and troubles… 

Wars that destroyed our lands for thousands years are all about resources, petrol, diamonds, gold or fertile lands; hunger is a creation of the land-grabbing of a minority to sell more and get richer; social fracture, modern slavery, child labour are the results of the greediness of a couple of individuals who wants always more; pollution and the destruction of the planet comes from the lack of respect of the humans toward its own feeder in order to get richer as if we were cutting the hand that gives us our food…all this to get more, more money… 

Money and all what is represented by money is a gangrene spoiling our world, destructing our own nature and leading us to destruction. Money has been invented for commodity in times where people thought it was normal to have slaves and were already aspiring to be richer than their neighbours. Money putted away the principles of sharing and giving, core values of our nature. Nature gives us fruits expecting us to share it with others and respect the tree that gave them to us. We believe in the nature of the human beings. We are not made to get richer, or get more possessions, we are not born to be better than the others nor to control them, we came to life pure with the desire of living happy in love and harmony. We can all feel it deeply inside when we close our eyes, when we hug another human, when we share our love. 

It is time to leave our sick societies behind, to give up the distractions who only give us satisfaction and take us away from happiness…it is time to think with a new spirit, to abandon the vice of money and learn again to give and share with others. All we need is already there, there are food for all the unfed, water for all the thirsty, shelter for all the homeless, peace for all the troubled heart, love for all of us. It is all about sharing.



Mind WorX


ALTHOUGH each and every dimension is a cloned copy of the other, variations are endlessly occurring, caused by the infinite possibilities of nature and the universe itself, and because of free will, which allows the finite living forms,including us, that exist simultaneously on every dimension to make infinite choices throughout each lifetime.

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