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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad man.” ~Lord Acton

That is what they say but I disagree, I think corrupt men perceive power and reach for it quickly, whereas men that are not corrupt see responsibility and they reach for it slowly and after much deliberation.  While one perspective sees it as a duty and wants to protect others from himself the other perceives himself as incapable of doing anything wrong and perceives himself as always the cause of the good because he was over-coddled by his mommy.  This is why I say that the child and the mother have psychopathic brains.

It is really a tautology of the dunning-kruger effect.


It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.Will Durant


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A Picture Of Vladimir Putin – OpEd

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

* It took a good many years for the Russians to get rid of the cabal oligarchy, but that is a story that so far is largely untold.

* What all the Related Articles (listed below) tell me is that unless we do our homework and know a bit of history, we are at the mercy of the pundits, who will cause us to blow in the breeze any way they please. It’s time to inform ourselves, do our own thinking, and decision-making, and clear the ‘stuff’ that creates our unconscious bias that makes it difficult to do so. ~J

Source: EurasiaNews

Russia's Vladimir Putin


By Angel Millar

September 13, 2013

In the space of a month, the Western social media image of Vladimir Putin, has been utterly transformed, even if the Russian President has remained entirely consistent in his approach to the world and his approach to politics.


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Why a Christian Justification for the Opposition of Gay Marriage is Bullshit


Christians are scared of sex but then I think more obsessed with it than others. If they weren’t, why would they care about gays getting married? It’s because they picture it. They say; `Oh no, gays can’t get married they do that’ and immediately they have Dame Edna and Sir Elton John in flamboyant pink wedding dresses felching each other on the altar. Of course once gays get married then we have the whole issue of them performing their deviant sexuality in front of `their children’ (in inverted commas because gays can never really have children, another reason why they shouldn’t be married, it’s unnatural.) Because if you’re gay,  and have sex with men, why wouldn’t you like having sex with boys? Every gay is one step away from pedophilia. (Not priests though, they’re fine.) Hey, if you’re sticking it to Sir Elton, why wouldn’t you want something a little more constricting, why wouldn’t you go for, say, Bieber?

“What were you doing when the world ended?”

“Shaving my balls.”

But why can’t gay people get married? They let John Howard get married which is clearly immoral and possibly illegal considering he was also allowed to reproduce – King Henry was married six times, think of all the lives that could have been saved if he’d married his page boy.

Repressing your sexuality is quite clearly very bad for you. Jeffrey Dahmer.

It’s the opposition to gay marriage that confuses me. I mean I kind of get the Christian reasoning, though there’s some other Levitician rules I’d like ‘em to bring back. ”If a woman intervenes in a fight between her husband and another man, and inadvertently touches the stranger’s genitals, her hands should be cut off immediately.”

When you read the Bible – which is at times a surprisingly funny read – rollicking , you might say – I recommend it – especially the Leviticus rules.

I like to imagine the scenario that made that prior rule a necessity.

They’re drafting laws – probably in Hammurabi’s place in Babylon, by the way; scholars think maybe God didn’t talk the whole bible out through Moses – sorry Mum – `Remember Bethany in the market the other day? Stepped in to save her pansy husband and grabbed the Cockle Fisherman’s Baals? Draft a law about that.”

“My only regret is we waited the whole day until we cut off her hands.”

“Right – change it to say `immediately.’”

The reasoning for the Christian’s saying no to gay marriage kind of makes sense, it does call it an abomination to be gay – apparently it’s better to let your daughters be raped that to let male strangers be butt-raped, for example – I mean a lot of the Christians have been brainwashed since childhood so you know, give them a break!

It’s a political party I don’t understand. Tony was brought up with ‘Christian Values’ (hate gays, assimilate black people, steal children, love your white neighbours etc)  and says `I think it would be morally wrong for gay people to be married.’ The question is, what’s the bigger immorality – being gay or having sex outside of marriage? Because these gay people are doing both, Christian Politicians of the Right, and I thought all sins were equal in the eyes of the lord (including lying, Christian Politicians of the right) so shouldn’t you let them be married so at least you’re knocking off one sin (please Dad, please Mum.)

Oh, but then, the Church thinks being gay means `having gay sex’ because we’ve all seen those people who think they can `cure homosexuality’ (just like those missionaries of the fifties in Australia who thought they could `cure Aboriginality’). These guys are usually repressed gays who are immensely sexually frustrated who might turn into sexual serial killers of little boys. (And that’s not a joke – they’re nearly all `brought up Christian.’)

So come on Tony. You’re not mum and the bible makes no sense in the first place, really it doesn’t, if you read it you’re like `I can’t believe Christians actually hand this out! This is psychopathic!’ (In the Old Testament for a long time there’s no Devil, just God; that’s right, God is good and evil. He kills people all the time. For just like, offering him grain instead of meat. Or if they stop believing in him (which Ok is pretty stupid on the Israeli’s part considering he’s always walking around the place) he goes and kills like a million of them. They’re like God, sorry man, we believe in you, he’s all, `ohhh, you’re my promised children’ and later they stop believing again, so he kills a million of them again!) Legalize it – you will look like a real wanker in the future if you don’t.


Murderers or War Heroes


Chevron in Nigeria. Workers rise up and fight against unfair treatment. Mercenaries hired by Chevron to stop union action. Kill workers with machine guns from helicopters. Fearing further insurrection, fly to villages of workers with copters, shooting indiscriminately. Some months later, Condoleeza Rice, who has an oil tanker named after her (re-named after she takes office), and is a board member during these events, becomes Secretary of State. Soon after she visits Nigeria as a representative of the American government. Murderer? You decide.

Ted Bundy kills maybe 100 women; we’re never entirely sure. As much as being a psycho, he is somewhat heroic. His brazen attitude, his two miraculous escapes, etc. He’s executed after finally delivering a harrowing and cathartic confession.

Rumsfeld ex-CEO of Halliburton. Into the US government as Secretary of Defense – whilst still Halliburton shareholder. (Microsoft Word knows how to spell `Halliburton’ but not ‘qi’.)  Awards $300 billion contract to Halliburton to invade Iraq; after approving a three trillion dollar loan from World Bank for such purposes. All reports say `invasion of Iraq will create a terrorist state there.’ Halliburton and the US hand in hand invade. Rumsfeld’s still a major shareholder. Ten years on, nearly a million Iraqi civilians dead, almost ninety percent of Iraqis want America out, Al Qaeda is far more active than before, Rumsfeld and Halliburton – very very rich murderers? War heroes.


democracy will always be a dictatorship disguised as long as the people will not ask for laws that can defend from governments, laws that force governments to listen to the people and not from the ,,god of money,, – democrazia sarà sempre una dittatura mascherata finche i popoli non chiederà leggi che li puo difendere dagli governi, leggi che obbliga i governi di ascoltare dal popolo e non dal ,,dio denaro,, – democrația va fi întotdeauna o dictatură deghizată atâta timp cât poporul nu va cere legi care îl pot apăra de guverne, legi care obligă guvernele să asculte de popor și nu de ,, zeul ban,,

valeriu dg barbu

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Noam Chomsky’s Decalogue.

1 – The people must always mind occupied with something other than his real problems
2 – People must perceive leaders as saviors of the nation
3 – The people must be constantly prepared for the worst
4 – The people must believe that what governments prepare them for the worst living is all for his own good
5 – The people must be thinking that does not allow referral links between causes and effects
6 – The people must no longer used to problematize reality and act on the spur of emotions
7 – People have gotten used to cheap satisfactions which to occupy their time and to demotivate to achieve higher ideals
8 – people should not have access to media full, accurate, fair and objective
9 – People should be induced to flock spirit
10 – people should not believe in the…

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The Rapture, the Anti-Christ, and Obama

christians be crazy!

No News is New

The above article articulates a common view of America, that of Rapture Theology: “You have some prophecy teachers that argue that the tribulation has begun now. So every time something happens, it has to fit into the narrative”.  It cites the sale of books by John Hagee and Perry Stone, two firm rapture believers.


The modern idea of the rapture is quite novel.  In 1827 John Darby suggested that Jesus would call up to heaven those faithful on earth before a period of trial on earth (the tribulation), wherein the anti-Christ would reign.  This was contrary to the view at the time, which was held all the way back to the Apostles, and this heretical view was popularized by Presbyterians, Baptists, and Congregationalists.

The Catholic view is that life will be going on as normal until Jesus comes back to earth.  We will go out to meet him in…

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The Good, the Bad, the Liberation Theology


No News is New

Liberation theology is starting to gain traction in the news — but just what is it?

It is a sort of Christianized Marxism which seeks to better the world today and not just have pie in the sky when you die.  It attempts to do this through a bottom up change in the systems that oppress people.  It doesn’t divide the world into sinners and saints so much as systems and saints.  This can have the effect of gutting the importance of personal conversion and personal betterment.  It becomes the systems fault that that I own slaves and treat them poorly (to keep up with competitors), not my own.  It becomes the systems fault that I’m so poor my only solace is liquor.  As an individual I can be excused from my bad actions.

The traditional approach of the church is to effect hearts instead of systems.  Paul…

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